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रात Raat (2023) [glass]

Raat is a life sized glass replica of Krueger's glove; one of a series of glass artworks/ props that will feature in a film, currently in production.


Installation shots of रात Raat (2023) at the Lethaby Gallery. Shown as part of a new body of work titled 'The Krueger Institute'. Further info here:

dream wall.webp

'Dream Wall' (2023) Interactive artwork

Viewers invited to contribute imagery from recalled dreams to a collaborative wall.  

Madhurai Mart (2009) [Installation]​

Drawing on critical theories exploring the relationship between cultural hybridity and the decolonial, the market stall Madhurai Mart sells toys and ornaments of figures from Indian mythological stories and characters/ superheroes from Western comics/ popular culture.  


The Victory (2009) [Installation]

The Victory is a reimagined pub sign for a pub that once existed and was popular among people from the South Asian diaspora in London in the 1980s. 

Fifty Punches (2016) [Installation: Monoprints]

Fifty Punches consists of a large number of monoprints that reference modes and forms of activism. Prints were produced by either punching or pressing body parts up against an inked up print plate, before running through a printing press.

Letter No.682 (2017) [Installation]

Letter No. 682 is a letter written to The National Gallery in protest of their plans to attempt to restrict use of public land outside the gallery, including the types of performers who could perform in this space. 

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